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Zardini Stufe - Una ditta artigiana

The correct setting of your stove.
Generally speaking, the setting of a stove is determined by the existing flue pipe. The ideal setting, however, is with the stove mainly in the area living room-dining room and only secondarily in the area kitchen, entrance hall. The bedrooms will be heated by the convective warmth generated by circulating hot air. With optimum thermal insulation and low heat leakage rate, heating will be set around 60-70% , i.e. 20-22 °C for the living rooms and the remaining 30-40 % to easily reach 15-16 °C in the bedrooms.

The existing structure, systems and plants must be controlled.
A medium-sized stove weighs over one ton; therefore a preliminary static survey of the floor where the stove will be installed must be carried out as well as an inspection of the insulating structures that might be damaged by the weight of the stove. No pipes or cables of any kind must be present below the surface where the stove will sit (floor or any other structure) and the area 50 cm all around it . The same precautions apply for the walls next to it.