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Zardini Stufe - Una ditta artigiana


The fuel used in the Zardini’s Bio-stoves is produced by fermentation of agricultural and forest products, rich in sugars, rape seeds, corn and waste products. The fuel is also known as Bioethanol, because of its biological origin, and the recommended denaturation is 96%. Bioethanol is colourless, does not pollute does not release noxious substances into the environment nor unpleasant smells; Zardini's Bio-stoves are safe ad do not require flue pipes. A masterpiece of clean biotechnology.



Revolutionary, ecological, radiating stoves with Thermal Accumulation system

  • These new innovative stoves are forerunners of a sustainable future. Against economic strangling and the environmental catastrophe caused by oil products and fossil fuels.
  • Bioethanol stoves are produced in an interesting range of patented models which are fuelled, with high heating efficiency, by the new bio-fuels. The bio-fuels, derived from bio-mass like marine microalgae and the reclamation of organic wastes from food processing and production, are easily found on the market.
  • The air remains clean and pure because these stoves do not emit smoke, ashes or fine dusts; besides, they do not need flue pipes, electric power or gas.
  • Bio-stoves are noiseless and do not produce unpleasant air movement; Safe and technologically reliable thanks to the external supply of oxygen for combustion;, they are easy to use and require very little maintenance. In case of power shortage, they guarantee warmth and minimum lighting.
  • As soon as they are lit, they generate warmth and are the perfect heating system for living rooms, mini apartments, sea holiday homes, stores and small workshops, inns and mountain huts.
  • When the fire extinguishes, these stoves generate a beneficial solar heat for a few hours, like the well known radiating ceramic stoves that Zardinis have produced by the thousands.
  • These stoves benefit from energy conservation tax incentives.
  • A revolutionary range of new jewels, manufactured by Botteghe Artigiane Arti e Mestrieri Zardini, is exhibited in Cortina where the effectiveness of a convenient and practical heating may be verified personally.

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