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Zardini Stufe - Una ditta artigiana

Stove manufacturer Zardini is based in Cortina. The company, though small in size, is organized like a large business constantly seeking innovations and improvements to satisfy their customers. Their excellent, professional teams deal with the customers all along the way, right from the first contact through catalogues and promotional literature, to careful designing, scrupulous surveys and on the spot investigations, until final safe installation. From Cortina, where Zardini was founded, the Art and crafts workshop have made their ceramic jewels well known and appreciated all over Italy and in many European countries -Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Croatia, Liechtenstein, and Russia - as well as overseas in Japan, the USA, and Australia.

Supported by their teams of master stove-setter technicians, Zardini are able to operate smoothly and efficiently (3-4 days) , preventing even the slightest inconvenience, should the residents be living in the house.



Zardini Co. have been successfully manufacturing ceramic stoves for 45 years. A long journey through continuous research and innovations which has taken them from old masonry stoves all the way to current models finished in modern tiles or finely hand decorated tiles: their unique craft works of high artistic value.
The whole range of woodburners and, above all, the small stoves finished in modern mass-produced tiles may be supplied in the exceptional option “In KIT ZARDINI”.
Customers who choose to collect the kit of the unassembled stove at our warehouses in Cortina, will be entitled to a 25% discount on the list price. Technical assistance will be provided in terms of detailed, exhaustive explanations, internal and external plans, alphanumeric exploded view with colour digital photos, and technical advice by our technicians.








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