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Zardini Stufe - Una ditta artigiana


Zardini Radiating Ceramic stoves with Thermal Accumulation system are perfect evidence of the excellent millenarian evolution of solar heating with its embracing, relaxing, healthy, morbid long wave. Long lasting and efficient by definition, wood burning stoves are extremely important to guarantee real thermal autonomy from all other energy sources. Firewood represents the largest renewable fuel source.

A small charge of wood logs will evenly release heat to the room for twenty-four hours with reduced costs and very little maintenance work. In fact, the bed of ash needs clearing every two months only. Zardini stoves are manufactured using the latest technology and the highest quality components: the fire chamber is lined with highly resistant material baked at 1600°C and made with fireclay and high alumina bricks for better heat conduction; the double structured chamber with shield screening guarantees safe performances even at the highest temperatures that may reach 1000 °C; the body is reinforced in the parts which are most exposed to hot gases;